I Use

# Hardware

  • Macbook Pro 13 (2020) My primary work computer, which I use mostly for doing my client work, regretting not waiting for the Apple M1. 😭
  • Dell Latitude 3410 (i5) When I miss Ubuntu
  • Soundcore Life Q10 The headphones I used while working, these have the best sound and they are the cheapest ones.
  • Sony WI-C310 When I need something more smaller and lighter for music and calls.
  • Oneplus 5 My daily driver phoner since 3 years, still working and I have plans to use it till it dies.
  • Logitech M170 Not the best one, but get's the work done

# Software

  • VS Code Moved from sublime. It's amazing, but sometimes I miss Sublime's native speed
  • Notion This has everything I need to Docs, notes, articles, writing drafts
  • Google Chrome As much as I hate, how hot it makes my laptop, I just cannot move away from Chrome.
  • Insomnia I just love Insomnia, for testing APIs, the UI and UX are just amazing, plus it's open source.
  • Figma I guess you'all know how good figma is.
  • Cleanshot If you take hundreds of screenshots like me, then this is the best one out there.
  • Flameshot Cleanshot alternative for Ubuntu
  • Github theme for VS Code I just love their bluish gray dark mode
  • Pushbullet I cannot live without this tool, it solves so many things for me. Cannot recommend this enough.
  • Motrix The best, open source download manager out there, plus it's also a torrent client
  • Alfred for mac This will unlock a whole new level of productivity in you Macbook
  • Mailspring Need a good email client for Ubuntu, Mailspring get's it done for you
  • Spotify For Music

# Communication

  • Whatsapp You cannot live without Whatsapp in India
  • Telegram I wish people used telegram as much as whatsapp
  • Slack For work
  • Discord Need this to get things resolved from the JS communities

This page was inspired by Wes Bos's /uses page.