Should I make my own blog?

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I was remaking my website and was thinking if I should I be making my own blog.

There are challenges but if I can pull it off, it could work out really well.


  • The CMS part

  • The Stack

  • The deployment pipeline

Nuxt Content

Debbie O’Brien has great article on how to get started with Nuxt content, but this is as git based internal CMS, which I could connect to something like Netlify CMS, but again I prefer working with Vercel, because I just love their architecture for some reason.


I could use Prismic I suppose, since it is free and they offer a generous bandwidth, plus free imgix. But one thing I don’t like is prism does not let me use arrays, which I use a lot, maybe I am missing something.

Some other alternatives would be contentful, or a different CMS which is free.

This post is currently made with Nuxt content and I am writing the markdown in Bear notes app and manually pasting this inside content folder.

This next post would be about building your own blog with nuxt content module the right way.

Post last updated: February 26, 2021