Fayaz Ahmed

Hi, Fayaz here 🤘

I Build digital products, brands and experiences, on the internet.

a Full stack engineer and product developer from Bangalore, India 🇮🇳. I specialise in building things with Vue, Nuxt, Node & the plain old JS.

Stuff I Do

1. Web Development

Need a website developed and hosted the right way? I can do that for you at a competitive price.

2. Content Writing

I also write content, articles on technology, internet, apis, backends, frontend, web optimisation.

3. Web Performance

I have worked on lead gen business for a long time, I know how much Google page speed insights matters to you.

Stuff I Did

This site is made with

Runs completely for free, since it is made on the concept of JAMstack, a modern web architecture which isolates frontend from backend and communicates only via http requests, making it extremely fast and performant, yes this site scored 98 on lighthouse.

If you'd like to buy this template, hit me up on

Let me know if you want to talk about a potential collaboration.

I am available for freelance work.

Let's make your website